Rolta GeoCAD™: A Solution for Effective and Efficient Emergency Response Management

Rolta GeoCAD™ is an advanced Computer Aided Dispatch product for public safety including Police, Fire, Medical and other Emergency Response agencies to provide better, faster emergency services, by enabling the efficient management of response resources and effective data sharing between multiple agencies and regions.

Rolta GeoCAD™ is a software solution based on the concept of ‘Universal Emergency Dial Number’ to address emergency needs of the society. Typically, a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, is the first point of entry for any information coming to the law enforcement system.

Rolta GeoCAD™ facilitates complete solution for addressing public safety calls, dispatching suitable resources, monitoring progress, communicating with dispatched resources, call closure, post event analysis, reporting and remote monitoring. The system also has interoperability interfaces with different emergency services, such as police, fire, medical, and so on. This allows public safety personnel to effectively plan multi-agency collaborated emergency response, depending upon urgency of the incident. With enhanced capabilities, this solution can also be used for Disaster Management.

Rolta Call Taker™

Provides seamless integration with geospatial maps for location identification and allows emergency response agencies to quickly record, locate and respond to distress calls. Inbuilt softphone, standard operating procedures and guided questionnaire empowers call takers to capture incident details effectively.

Rolta Dispatcher™

Provides intelligent insights that impacts decision making processes, facilitates rapid response, enhances efficiency and productivity, and improves service delivery. It also supports integration with video management systems to get video feeds from the nearest spot, thus increases dispatchers situational awareness. Integrated unified communication empowers dispatcher to effectively communicate with the field responders and collaborate with various agencies field resources.

Rolta Supervisor™

Provides complete insight in handling of the reported events including parameters, such as response time of the call takers, dispatchers and field responders. It also includes integrated analytical & reporting tools for monitoring event chronology, action taken report filled by the responders, monitoring operator status etc.

Rolta Resource Manager™

Rolta GeoCAD™ system administration software which enables administrator to configure required environment to make the system operational and which will be used by all operators (Call taker, Dispatcher and Supervisor) and field officers (First Responder and Executive officer) .

Rolta GeoCAD™ Web Dispatcher

An innovative solution for state wide CAD implementations which require remote and distributed dispatching.It facilitates remote dispatcher to understand event and response vehicle locations in their geographical area of operations. Integrated GIS map and response plan helps dispatcher to quickly dispatch appropriate resources remotely.

Rolta GeoCAD Web™

Enables users to view the complete event information and response vehicles in their geographical area of operations over the web. Integrated Dashboard, reporting, patrol management and analytics modules facilitates complete operation insights to senior officials and other stakeholders.

Rolta Crime Analytics™

Enables authorities to analyze incidents registered within a jurisdiction and view them over a geospatial map. The crime and criminal data analysis on patterns of crime helps in identifying, apprehending and preventing crimes in different regions. Thus helping planners to systematically plan the patrol routes and effectively use the available resources.

Rolta GeoCAD Mobile™

Facilitates senior officials to monitor their geographical area of operation on the move, using the smart phone devices. Integrated GIS map & bi-directional messaging allows real-time tracking & timely guidance to staff.

Rolta GeoCAD MDT™

Facilitates field responders to receive the incident details including the event location on geospatial map and driving directions based on the shortest distance to incident location.The responders can also update the Control Center about the progress of the event as well as send live photographs from the event location thereby enabling better coordination between the responding units and Control Center.Immediate updates, from the responder, about the progress of the event along with the attached live images of the event location establishes better coordination between the field responder and the Control center.

Rolta Suraksha™

Innovative safety mobile application for anyone who needs assistance, such as women and senior citizens, in a critical situation. It is designed to get you help with minimal or unnoticeable effort. Seamless integration with Rolta GeoCAD™ ensures immediate notification of distress situation to public safety and law enforcement agencies such as the police.


  • Support for centralized call taking and distributed dispatching
  • Simple intuitive multi-screen console for call taking, dispatching and supervision
  • Integrated softphone and voice logging capability for automated call taking and voice recording
  • Smart addressing system for faster incident location
  • Automatic caller address input through Automatic Line Identification (ALI) /Automatic Number Identification (ANI)
  • Messaging capability between operators
  • Display of shortest path between vehicle and incident location
  • Optimized Resource suggestion based on the Response Plan modeled on attributes such as event type, location, time of the day etc.
  • Support for multi-site, multi-agency as well as multi-lingual deployments
  • Guided incident information collection using rule based Q and A
  • Support for role Based SOPs
  • Support for MDT operations even in offline mode
  • Mobile monitoring of the pending and open events
  • Integration with CCTV solutions for decision making support
  • Support for multiple agencies for providing Integrated Emergency Response
  • Support for multiple languages for ease of localization
  • Automated failover for high availability
  • Rolta Suraksha™ application with Guardian web and mobile modules for monitoring distress


  • Simplified user interface for complex operation management
  • Enhanced geospatially enabled call taking and dispatching capability for optimized Emergency Response
  • Significant improvement in quality and response time for Emergency Events
  • Improved coordination and delivery of resources across multiple agencies
  • Common platform for all stakeholders for collaborative action and response using unified communication
  • Support to capture caller and location information faster using ANI/ALI
  • Seamless Integration with “Citizen SOS” mobile application for faster and effective response
  • Saves crucial time for operator by utilizing “Smart Addressing”, “Drilldown Search” and “Duplicate Incident Detection”
  • “Hot Call” support ensures effective handling of high priority/critical calls and reduces the response time to absolute minimum
  • Enables quick and effective dispatch in very easy mode using resource allocation and response plan
  • Single view dashboard to get a holistic view of current situations as required by senior officials
  • Helps to monitor events, automated vehicle location system and patrol planning from anywhere and anytime
  • Contributes to reduced crime rate using geospatial analytics and visualization of recorded event data
  • Supports wide variety of mobile devices and OS – MDTs, PDAs, handheld devices and smart phones
  • Contributes to ensure continuous running of the system for better SLA availability percentage