Rolta Image Processing Suite: Enabling Desktop Image Processing and Analysis to Extract Image Intelligence

Typically designed for regularly updating Military Intelligence, Rolta’s Image Processing Suite facilitates the display and manipulation of maps over gray sale and multi-spectral raster images.

Rolta Image Processing Suite is a complete solution for desktop image processing and analysis. It has an easy-to-use interface for the display and manipulation of maps over gray scale and multi-spectral raster images. Rolta Image Processing Suite provides a full set of commands to import, display, geo-rectify, clip, mosaic and enhance raster imagery – typically generated by scanning existing aerial photographs, hardcopy maps, drawings and satellite imageries. This suite offers the basic tools to extract image intelligence through user defined annotations from latest satellite images with different symbols, colour coding and text placement. Rolta Image Processing Suite is typically designed for the periodic updating of Military Intelligence.


  • Supports all latest major imagery formats
  • Advanced algorithms for image Enhancements and Processing
  • User-friendly file manipulation tool for intuitive browsing and product selection
  • Tailor made for IMINT Generation needs of Defence Users
  • Real-time display of geographic coordinates with precise area and distance measurement tools
  • Advance tools for generating reports in high quality PDF


  • Assists in recognition, identification and description of Military targets such as Bridges, Obstacle Systems, Camps etc
  • Hosts and produces IMINT products to fit mission unique requirements
  • Provides immediate, on-site imagery intelligence fusion and analysis
  • Provides Situational Awareness in the Battlefield to the Combat Commanders
  • Assists in Periodic surveillance of tactical targets across the borders