Rolta GXL: A Solution for Improving Speed and Efficiency

The Rolta GeoImaging Accelerator (GXL) combines high-performance computing (GPU based hardware) with geospatial intelligence to provide a significant improvement in speed
and efficiency.

By optimizing the automated Rolta ProLines workflows, traditional image-processing is elevated to cost-effective industrial-strength production.

Main Features:

  • GPU orthorectification and pan sharpening with hybrid mosaics
  • Satellite and aerial sensor support
  • Support for Ultracam X, Xp, L and upcoming support for Leica ADS40/80 and Z/I DMC
  • Airphoto model calculation
  • nVidia CUDA GPU Chipsets and modular workflows
  • 4TB to 10TB per day of GeoImage processing
  • Flexible GPU-based architecture


  • Off-the-shelf hardware for easy installation and integration.
  • Distributed cloud computing
  • Automation resulting in round the clock processing and increased throughput
  • Job control resulting in reduced process management and development
  • High-speed processing for shorter production runs and project durations
  • High-performance computing


  • Accurate information
  • Flexible communications
  • Virtual reconnaissance
  • Dynamic situational awareness


  • Operational tempo
  • Co-ordination
  • Intelligence surveillance and Reconnaissance
  • Navigation
  • Logistics management


  • Operational procurement and support costs
  • Administrative time by the automation of Simple functions
  • Training costs


  • Maintenance
  • Support
  • Customization
  • Operations