Rolta Aerial Reconnaisance Photo Interpretation and Analysis (RAIRS): Transforming Oblique Aerial Photographs into NADIR Images

Rolta uses advanced projective transformation and complex matrix computations to remove distortions from oblique aerial photographs and create highly accurate NADIR images.

Rolta Aerial Reconnaissance Photo Interpretation and Analysis (RAIRS) is designed to remove the distortions that creep into oblique aerial photographs, and transform them into NADIR images. This process improves their interpretability significantly. Oblique aerial photos have high geometric distortion and need to be fully corrected so that these images can be effectively used for visualization and analysis.


  • Tool to identify the flight path based on the oblique image information
  • Supports up to 16 bit oblique images
  • Improved to support large size data sets
  • Facility to flip and rotate the image interactively
  • Easy interface to collect ground control points with all facilities
  • Advanced Projective transformation and complex matrices algebra to redistribute the pixels correcting the camera parameters as per scale
  • Interactive geo-referencing and different re-sampling techniques for Geometric Corrections.


  • Improved workflow to achieve accurate geo-referenced Nadir Images as output in GeoTiff format
  • Aerial Oblique photograph is transformed into rectified image, which is to scale and can be used as a map
  • Facilitates extraction of information from oblique photographs
  • Ability to effectively utilize oblique aerial photographs obtained from the cross-border flight paths