Rolta Feature Collection: An Efficient Map Feature Digitizing System

Rolta offers a comprehensive map feature digitizing system that extends CAD engine capabilities and is furnished with numerous commands to collect and edit feature data.

Rolta Feature Collection allows users to define and manage map symbologies, feature graphic characteristics and digitizing modes/commands, to achieve enhanced production efficiency. The solution utilizes screen based menus to provide a special user interface designed for map production. All defined settings are saved in a feature table which enables the modes and commands for that feature to be activated whenever it is selected for digitizing.


  • Easy to use, map feature digitizing system for use with mono and stereo imagery
  • Efficient map feature digitizing system
  • Commands to collect and edit feature data
  • Screen based menus to provide users with a special interface designed for map production
  • Feature based table allowing users to define a series of map symbologies and manage them on a customized basis for each job
  • Allows users to set the feature’s graphic characteristics and digitize modes/commands in the feature table beforehand


  • Interactive vector graphics – Fast, three-dimensional and real-time vector collection and editing, with full symbolization, line and text fonts
  • Static and roaming modes – Static (fixed image, moving cursor) and roaming (moving image, fixed cursor) modes available as standard features
  • Minimum entry cost – Runs on standard PCs keeping costs minimal. Can be run as a single screen solution and can also use a standard mouse for XYZ input along with a 3D mouse
  • Versatile and familiar – Can be considered as a 3D CAD system as well as a stereo plotter system, making it easy and familiar to use for mapping professionals