Rolta SmartMigrate™: Simplifying your reporting landscape and accelerating your self-service BI journey at one-third the cost

Rolta SmartMigrate™ solution helps companies effectively address the deterrents pertaining to consolidation & migration of their legacy systems, thereby enabling organizations to safely embark on their standardization and consolidation requirements.

Rolta SmartMigrate™ IP automates the migration from multiple BI platforms onto a single consolidated platform. Rolta SmartMigrate™ uses a pluggable architecture to migrate and consolidate from a variety of analytical and reporting platforms to the customer’s choice of best-of-breed BI platforms. RoltaSmartMigrate™ is an out-of-the-box solution that provides a high degree of automation. The solution is capable of migrating from source platforms including Microstrategy, Cognos, OBIEE, Microsoft BI and SAP BO to target platforms such as SAP BO, OBIEE, Cognos and Microsoft BI.

The solution, delivered through a fixed-cost approach, involves a high level of automation combined with the expertise of SMEs to deliver substantial savings of time, money, and resources. This enables time-bound migrations that deliver significant and easily measurable ROI.

This unique field-proven solution features:

  • API and Meta model based accelerator for automated migration
  • Migrates Semantic Layer as well as Reports/Dashboards
  • Enables Self Service BI
  • Retains source project / module structure on the target platform
  • Migration of individual and batch of reports
  • Architectured to facilitate optimal adoption of features in target platform

Rolta through its automated Rolta SmartMigrate™ solution is in a position to effectively address each of these deterrents allowing organizations to safely embark on their standardization and consolidation requirements. With the use of Rolta SmartMigrate™ the company has the ability to offer a comprehensive migration program from discovery to roll out with the following benefits:


  • Comprehensive program. Discovery to Roll out
  • Automated IP driven solution
  • Acceleration of the BI maturity journey to self-service BI: 3-4 times faster
  • Assured Quality , Consistency and User Experience
  • 60-70% direct cost savings compared to manual migration
  • 80% reduction of Business and Business IT consulting efforts at customer front because of the unique reverse engineered meta data model
  • Reduction in the migration cycle by >60%,
  • Proven and Tested
  • Deep expertise on SAP BusinessObjects, MicroStrategy, IBM Cognos, Oracle BI, Microsoft BI
  • Fixed Price, Fixed duration, Predictable roll outs, Assured Success