BI and Big Data: Services and Solutions to Optimize Business Performance

Rolta’s Business Intelligence accelerator solutions deliver Business Activity Monitoring, Business Process Management, Business Performance Management, and Knowledge Discovery and Management, along with solutions and services for Data Warehousing and Application Integration.

Rapid and smart decision-making requires a holistic view of any business. Ideally, decision makers should be able to collect, analyze and act on information from all key stakeholders – including employees, partners, shareholders, suppliers, customers and regulators. Also, companies often have a massive amount of unstructured data repositories accumulated over the years, but a limited ability to transform it into meaningful and accessible information.

To address these challenges, companies need an effective solution that offers a comprehensive view of the business by linking inputs from critical stakeholders and providing a framework for measuring and communicating success?

Rolta helps you achieve this through an architecture framework that translates business solutions into services which help drive business results through optimal utilization of processes, application, data, and content assets. Our comprehensive set of services and solutions help you become agile, efficient, and adaptable. With our immense multi-platform expertise combined with multi-domain experience, we enable smooth transformation in the following fields:

  • Domain Expertise and BI competency – With a dedicated BI/DWH competency centre, Rolta provides prime value-added consulting services in Information Management Study, Data Extraction, Data Modeling, Metadata Definitions, Architecture Design, Data Quality Management, E-governance, Technology consolidation and Technology migration.
  • Approach BI Accelerator – Rolta offers a pre-built solution that extracts data from various sources into its data warehouse and populates data in pre-built dashboards and reports, transforming information into knowledge.
  • BI Custom Development – Rolta helps you formulate a strategy and roadmap for BI applications. The program is tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and organization, with prioritization based on market dynamics, enterprise inertia, business priorities, investment strategy, and ROI. Whatever your choice of platform, we bring to the table a wide range of expertise, thus ensuring flawless solution implementation.
  • BI Report Conversion – Rolta helps you convert reports from any platform to BO and OBIEE platforms, enabling single view reporting without losing functionality.


  • Scalable, cost-effective solutions with reasonably quick turn-around time
  • Anticipating needs for solutions that deliver pre-built metrics, visual formats and analysis across multiple business dimensions
  • Reducing resource and time expenditure on DW builds
  • Reducing Tool Vendor service charges for product extensions as well as use of Tool Skills.