Operations & Maintenance Services: Effective Engineering Information & Management Services

Rolta helps plant owners track the evolving configuration of their plants from start to end, and also offers relevant training modules in Plant Design software.

Organizations are fast discovering that they need effective Information Technology solutions and software tools for the management of their engineering information. Only then, can it be possible for them to properly track the evolving configuration of their plants from conception through construction, operation maintenance and revamps to eventual decommissioning. The potential benefits arising from the effective management of engineering information are enormous, and competitive pressures have driven companies to recognize the compelling need to invest in this area.

Rolta, with its vast pool of expertise leverages its support experience to hundreds of plant owners. We offer a range of Plant IT enabled engineering data management services for its customers in India and across the world.

These services include supply and installation of the latest hardware and software tools for engineering data management for the Process & Power industries. The services also include extensive training and hand holding for users and plant maintenance staff.

Features of As-Built Plant Information &
Modeling Services

  • As-built Plant modeling and Intelligent P&IDs using laser grammetry and walkthrough techniques
  • Translation of paper and digital P&IDs to intelligent P&IDs
  • 3D Modeling and Legacy Data Migration
  • Standard Reference Plant Creation
  • External data Import and Database Upgrade /Migration Merging of SmartPlant Databases
  • Legacy Data Migration – PDS to SP3D, IDM to SPI


Rolta also offers training services to its customers in India on state-of-the-art Plant Design software from Intergraph Process Power & Marine/3DS Net, as well as products which are part of the software’s latest version. Our experienced instructors conduct training through a combination of theory and hands-on modules. The training covers all product features and functionalities and is tuned to address specific needs of the customer. It also helps in successful deployment and usage of the software tools for enterprise services.