3D Database Creation & Maintenance: Using 3D Data for Innovative Insights

Rolta has the proficiency to convert 2D data into 3D, as well as create comprehensive 3D databases for customized applications.

The limitations of 2D displays have paved the path for the emergence of 3D technology in recent times. The added component of height in a 3D display gives the best possible picture of the surface of any terrain. Rolta has the capabilities and experience of not only creating 3D databases, but also converting 2D into 3D by setting 3D modeling parameters. Our 3D GIS database uses the original spatial data sources for attributes and queries, but adds other parameters while working with DTM, 3D Models, LiDAR, 3D topology etc. We also offer LiDAR based solutions for 3D representation of the Earth’s surface and all objects on the earth.

With the use of its products like Geospatial Fusion and iPerspective, Rolta imparts “intelligence” to 3D models in the following ways:

  • Enabling access to attribute data from the 3D map or vice-versa
  • Creating search capabilities from attributes or graphics
  • Analyzing complex correlations between buildings
  • Creating external and internal walk-throughs with precise measurements
  • Creating role-based secure access to data

Examples of 3D database Applications:

  • City Planning
  • Simulation of disasters
  • Emergency response planning
  • Critical Asset surveillance and protection
  • Carbon footprint analysis and management


In the GIS industry, maintaining up to date records is a must, but often our customers are not able to keep the backlog at bay due to insufficient resources. With the advent of 3D data, the availability of skilled resources may become even scarcer. Rolta has a vast experience in maintaining data records, and can maintain 2D and 3D data for your organization.