Photogrammetry Services:Imaging Solutions for Multiple Purposes

Through innovative aerial data acquisition solutions, Rolta creates Earth Imaging, which can be used for mapping, GIS creation and Terrain Modeling.

Earth Imaging provides solutions for the creation of digital maps, which are a gateway to a nation’s powerful wealth of resources. Rolta acquires accurate images of the Earth from a host of sources, such as Aerial Photography, Laser Photography and Satellite Imagery. We offer a complete range of photogrammetric services for Municipal Mapping, Utilities Mapping, Road and Highway Planning, Cadastral Mapping, City Modeling, etc. Our services include consulting, project planning, software application development, image acquisition and processing, data conversion and integration.

Rolta has had extensive success in photogrammetric project planning and execution in the past. Our team is committed to develop and invest in emerging technologies, keeping up to date with advances in Earth imaging solutions and services at all times. To maintain a cutting edge in GeoSpatial technologies, we also partner with global leaders. Our services can be customized for project specific requirements, and we also execute large scale projects as contractors, from inception to completion.

Photogrammetric Solution and Services offered:

  • Earth Imaging Services
  • Triangulation – Orientation and Adjustment of a Block
  • Stereo Data Collection – Feature Mapping
  • Terrain Modeling and 3D Visualisation
  • Orthophoto
  • Cartography – Map Finishing and Publishing
  • Thematic Mapping using Satellite Imagery
  • GeoSpatial Services for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing