Rolta Advizer™ – Precise Analysis & Tailored Solutions for Technology Infrastructure

Rolta Advizer™ helps in optimizing the infrastructure to support the high performance needs in today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Technology is playing an increasingly critical role in providing customers with new capabilities and improving the bottom line. Making the correct decisions is critical when architecting your infrastructure to support new business initiatives. Companies are always on the lookout for infrastructure solutions that can reduce complexities, optimize service performance while maintaining a low operating cost.

The ability to utilize technology resources in a scalable and abstracted fashion as an on-demand service offering can be compelling. There are a lot of components that must be considered in order to ensure a successful implementation. Every organization looking at big data / cloud based technologies is emerging with its unique value proposition. It takes a thoughtful plan as well as delivery expertise to implement the technology and reap its benefits.

Rolta understands the numerous business and technical challenges that organizations face with the rapid evolution of complex technologies. Rolta helps to plan and execute a roadmap which optimizes the company infrastructure at a lower cost as well as support new business initiatives to improve the company’s bottom line.

Rolta Advizer™ is a unique, vendor agnostic assessment tool that accurately benchmarks the current state of the infrastructure and identifies critical gaps. The current capabilities are benchmarked across 8 technology zones using over 600 weighted characteristics which are continuously refined and updated to provide customers with the most current perspective. Results are shared in the form of objectives and in easily accessible formats including Effort Benefit Quadrants, SWOT analysis and other trusted business strategies.
An IT roadmap and implementation strategy is created on the basis of the accrued data which helps support the organizations business goals and initiatives

Solution Features:

• IP driven solution approach
• Over 600 man years of solutions experience
• Global delivery capabilities
• Skilled and certified professionals
• Best Practices across domains
• Strategic Roadmap with actionable projects
• Repeated and time tested accelerators to mitigate project risks
• Gap Analysis based on existing environment to improve efficiency