Embark on an ROI driven Big Data transformation journey

Rolta provides a comprehensive solution to accelerate end-to-end BI and Big Data Analytics maturity journey, to turn data into business outcomes and growth. Rolta’s deep domain experience and industry specific prebuilt differentiated solutions are proven to be an ideal choice for organizations embarking on their ROI driven BI and Big Data Analytics journey. The solution covers the entire landscape starting from discovering the relevant data and defining the information model, consolidation of technology platforms & environments, real time data integration and finally delivering actionable insights through advanced analytics for business.

Rolta’s Comprehensive BI and Big Data Analytics Solution – Click to view graphical representation

Rolta Advizer™ with its automated and consultative model helps to discover data landscape, define information landscape, establish information model and chalk out ROI-based roadmap for implementing BI and Big Data analytics solution. It leverages 600+ weighted characteristics and decades of domain expertise on real-world deployments. Rolta SmartMigrate™ and Rolta SmartMigrate™ for SAP HANA® help automate migration and consolidation of data, analytics and reporting platforms with very high reliability. They drastically reduce the migration cycle to less than one-third with minimal impact to the business community. Rolta SmartMigrate™ helps seamless migration of analytics and reporting landscape from Micro-strategy, Cognos, and Oracle to best-of-breed platforms such as SAP BO. Rolta SmartMigrate™ for SAP HANA® helps in automated migration of databases, data and applications to SAP HANA platform.

Rolta IT-OT Fusion Suite™ provides integrated insights by securely integrating systems residing in IT and Operational technology systems and Networks. Rolta iPerspective™ Big Data Platform brings the best of powerful in-memory analytics from SAP HANA®, highly economical storage in open source NOSQL data stores as well as distributed low cost processing power of Hadoop.

Rolta OneView™ built on Rolta iPerspective™ Big Data Platform is natively engineered ground-up on SAP HANA® and SAP BO, and provides integrated actionable insights with 300+ pre-built industry specific real time and predictive analytics. With its unique industry knowledge model, it provides a single source of truth for role-based actionable insights across all the critical business processes and functions in the asset intensive industries. Combining deep expertise in Cloud and IT transformation, Rolta helps to provide the end-to-end solution from Big Data and Cloud infrastructure to analytics solutions. Rolta has helped hundreds of customers to be successful on their BI and Big Data transformation journey with lowest TCO and faster ROI.