Rolta OneView™ for Automotive

Auto makers and suppliers are re-engineering and restructuring their functions like manufacturing, supply-chain, sales and service, etc. to become more agile and efficient. Local manufacturers are expanding and going global while global players are expanding into emerging markets, increasingly sharing risk, cost, and design responsibility with their business partners. Consumer demand is ever-changing and investing in new products is the need of the hour. CXOs need to meet the challenges of increased competition and a more demanding consumer externally, while at the same time make more informed and timely decisions based on the huge volumes of data their internal systems generate.

Rolta OneView™ for Automotive is an innovative integrated solution providing real time actionable insights to help OEMs proactively monitor and take preventive steps to improve processes across their value chain. It offers a flexible platform based on intelligent knowledge and data models with over 200 pre-built KPIs across business functions. This enables a rapid deployment of the solution, enabling a faster ROI.

Solution Business Impact:

  • Enables increased productivity and reduced costs & inventory
  • Improved delivery reliability and time to market of products
  • Improved asset performance and compliance
  • Visibility in end-to-end business and engineering functions

Solution benefits:

  • Exploits integration across various systems (PLM, MES and ERP)
  • Leverages information residing in legacy systems, including spreadsheets, QMS…
  • Real time actionable insights with alerts and notifications
  • Aggregation, correlation and contextualizing of operational data
  • Better customer and service insights through Big Data and social media analytics

Having pre-built connectors to OT and IT systems and coupled with best of breed BI and analytics solutions, Rolta OneView™ for Automotive is a powerful and actionable role-based analytics solution with pre-built connectors to OT, IT, and Big Data systems, delivering a lower TCO to organizations.