Rolta OneView™ for Oil & Gas Upstream

Oil & Gas (O&G) industry is in flux reeling from pressures of changing market dynamics, fluctuating prices and tightening margins. O&G companies are operating in more challenging, volatile & complex environments and feel the need for operational excellence (OpX). OpX requires greater visibility & single source of truth for timely decision-making to reduce risks & costs and improve profitability & readiness to face global competitiveness.

Rolta OneView™ enterprise suite is a comprehensive IP-based modular solution leveraging three decades of deep domain expertise. It brings the power of BI and Big Data analytics such as agile BI, real-time analytics, predictive analytics, spatial analytics / locational intelligence, balanced scorecards, strategy maps, scenario analysis etc. Rolta OneView™ provides actionable insight across Oil & Gas field’s life cycle stage namely, Exploration, Appraisal, Development, Production and EOR. Rolta OneView™ provides unprecedented functionalities e.g. Production analytics utilizing geospatial intelligence on Big Data to visualize well performance on thematic maps over time against a backdrop of critical equipment status, real time loss analytics for water balancing of the complete O&G exploration network, Process optimization for Oil & Gas separation, storage, distribution and export operations.

The rich knowledge model of Rolta OneView™ provides enterprise wide multi-site as well as cross functional visibility across areas such as Operation, Assets, Maintenance & Reliability, Supply chain, Health Safety & Environment, Project and Business for effective decision making. Each of these modules is fine-tuned for the specific industry suite that it caters to, providing domain-specific KPIs. Different modules focus on industry specific key processes across the value chain, allowing seamless integration and cross-functional visibility. Rolta OneView™ thereby effectively delivers deep insights to facilitate tactical, operational and strategic decision-making and in turn effectively supports a variety of enterprise initiatives such as Operational Integrity, Asset Integrity, Operational Excellence, Change Management, Risk Mitigation etc.

Rolta OneView™ offers unique value proposition for O&G companies enabling them to accelerate their journey to OpX.

  • Improved well performance tracking
  • Composite risk management and Asset Integrity monitoring
  • Enhance Maintenance Excellence through Improved asset utilization, increase reliability and maintainability
  • Improved supply chain management through reduction of unwanted spare part inventory, compliance to best practices of warehousing, reduction of PR to PO purchasing cycle, vendor on time payment performance etc
  • Improved Health, Safety, Security and Environment performance through risk control and compliance
  • Better sustainability matrix monitoring
  • Enhance sub surface analytics

With pre-built O&G specific knowledge model, 300+ analytics and connectors, Rolta OneView™ enables faster ROI through rapid deployment in 12-16 weeks. Combining the power of best of breed BI and analytics platforms such as SAP HANA®, Rolta OneView™ provides powerful and, highly actionable role-based intelligence across the organization at lower TCO.