Rolta OneView™ for Petrochemicals

Rapid globalization is forcing hydrocarbon companies to become highly competitive to survive. Dynamic markets, high-priced feed stocks, high energy costs, limited flexibility in product reprocessing & by-products distribution and stringent environmental regulations all have a significant impact on the petrochemicals landscape. Companies need to have safe, reliable, and profitable production, while ensuring asset integrity and reliability. The requirement for greater integration and visibility across the value chain is driving the industry to implement pervasive and integrated business intelligence.

Rolta OneView™ enterprise suite is a comprehensive, domain knowledge-based, pre-built Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data Analytics solution. It leverages cutting-edge technologies like SAP HANA®, and comes with pre-built data connectors to operational petrochemical systems. Companies achieve rapid ROI and a lower TCO through Rolta OneView™ integrated role-based actionable insights and correlated operational & business intelligence. Rolta OneView™ unleashes the power of BI and Big Data Analytics such as agile BI, real-time analytics, predictive analytics, spatial analytics, balanced scorecards, strategy maps, scenario analysis etc. For example, this provides a comprehensive plant process view, the ability to drill down to specific production units and insights into product quality metrics. These insights lead to improved production performance. Predictive analytics capabilities enable preventive maintenance – leading to better asset utilization and reliability.

Rolta OneView™ offers unique value proposition for Petrochemical companies:

  • Maximizes yield, availability and margin
  • Improve risk control and safety performance
  • Enhance fuel and loss accounting
  • Material balance across the facility and units
  • Optimize direct and indirect energy consumption
  • Reduction of lost profit opportunity
  • Minimize quality deviations and elimination of bad actors
  • Emissions tracking & environmental impactŸ

With pre-built petrochemicals specific knowledge model, analytics and connectors, Rolta OneView™ enables faster ROI through rapid deployment in weeks.