Rolta OneView™ for Power

The power generation industry is facing major challenges to scale and meet global energy needs. Retirement of experienced talent is making complex plant maintenance challenging. Tightening environmental regulations, ageing infrastructure and energy chain losses further complicate issues. The drive for alternate energy sources, though still in its nurturing phases, can be expected to influence the market dynamics and legislator frameworks in the near future. Power Generation companies are looking for ways to manage their operations more efficiently, through rich actionable insights and improve sustainability in their journey toward Operational Excellence (OpX).

Rolta OneView™ enterprise suite is a comprehensive, domain knowledge-based, pre-built Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data Analytics solution. It leverages cutting-edge technologies like SAP HANA®, and comes with pre-built data connectors to operational petrochemical systems. Companies achieve rapid ROI and a lower TCO through Rolta OneView™’s integrated role-based actionable insights and correlated operational & business intelligence. Rolta OneView™ unleashes the power of BI and Big Data Analytics such as agile BI, real-time analytics, predictive analytics, spatial analytics, balanced scorecards, strategy maps, scenario analysis etc. e.g. Heat Rate Analysis comparing plant load and availability factors over time against turbine loading patterns, equipment-wise efficiency trends; Financial and Operational Performance Analysis of multiple power generating plants and projects under construction, enabling trend analysis of key metrics across every plant for comparison and benchmarking.

ROLTA OneView™ offers unique value proposition for Power Generation companies enabling them to accelerate their journey to OpX.

  • Improving heat rate
  • Improving plant load factor and availability factor
  • Tracking Generation Loss
  • Lowering auxiliary consumption
  • Fuel supply / inventory management
  • Managing unscheduled interchange
  • Better demand management

With pre-built power-generation-specific knowledge model, analytics and connectors, ROLTA OneView™ enables faster ROI through rapid deployment in weeks. Combining the best of breed BI and Analytics platforms such as SAP HANA®, ROLTA OneView™ provides powerful and, highly actionable role-based intelligence at lower TCO across power companies.