Rolta OneView™ for Refineries

The refining business is expanding but at the same time continues to be highly competitive, with a razor-sharp focus on margins.Unpredictable demand-supply economics add to the already dynamic market. Refineries are looking to align their strategic performance and drive increased reliability, reduced operating costs and sustainable growth. This can be achieved through timely business insights and real-time operational intelligence.

Rolta OneView™ enterprise suite is a comprehensive domain knowledge-based pre-built Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data Analytics solution. It leverages cutting-edge technologies like SAP HANA®, and comes with pre-built data connectors to operational refinery systems. Companies achieve rapid ROI through Rolta OneView™ integrated role-based actionable insights and correlated operational & business intelligence. This helps organizations drive a coherent strategy across the value chain, through informed decisions resulting in desired business transformation with lower TCO. Rolta OneView™ unleashes the power of BI and Big Data Analytics such as agile BI, real-time analytics, predictive analytics, spatial analytics, balanced scorecards, strategy maps, scenario analysis etc. It provides unprecedented refinery-specific functionality – e.g., predictive analytics to proactively identify process risks by correlating asset tag data over time, fuel & loss accounting temporal trends with drill-down from plant to specific assets, etc.

Rolta OneView™ offers unique value proposition for refineries, enabling them to accelerate their journey of operational excellence (OpX).

  • Improved GRM and sustainability
  • Improved productivity, capacity utilization and asset performance
  • Improved risk control and elimination of bad actors
  • Reduction of lost profit opportunity
  • Better regulatory compliance