Rolta OneView™ for Utilities

The Utilities industry, by nature, is asset-intensive and its operations are often spread across a wide geographical region. These factors play a significant role in the business strategies of Utility companies. The industry faces several challenges. These include: environmental concerns, ageing infrastructure & field force, changing customer expectations, balancing demand and supply, price fluctuations, etc. The industry has turned its attention to a few priorities. First, asset-related business processes require improvement. It must be ensured that technology investments match consumer behavior. There is a need to enhance reliability & operational efficiency and reduce complexity in the dimensions of commodity management risk. Integration is required among IT, OT, and geospatial systems.

Rolta OneView™ enterprise suite is a comprehensive domain knowledge-based pre-built Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data Analytics solution. It leverages cutting-edge technologies like SAP HANA®, and comes with pre-built data connectors to operational refinery systems. Companies achieve rapid ROI through Rolta OneView™ integrated role-based actionable insights and correlated operational & business intelligence. This helps organizations drive a coherent strategy across the value chain, through informed decisions resulting in desired business transformation with lower TCO. Rolta OneView™ unleashes the power of BI and Big Data Analytics such as agile BI, real-time analytics, predictive analytics, spatial analytics, balanced scorecards, strategy maps, scenario analysis etc. e.g. for a water/sewerage utility company, by utilizing spatial and predictive analytics, the probability of flooding in a given area can be determined. This helps with advance warning and precautions. For gas Utility business ROV offers GIS based Gas Network Reliability solution, Loss of Unaccounted Gas Analysis (LUAG) model, Asset Utilization- ageing analysis, Operation excellence and much more.

ROLTA OneView™ offers unique value proposition for Utility (Water, Gas & Power distribution) companies enabling them to accelerate their journey to OpX.

  • Utility specific improvements (e.g. enhanced water quality, increased electric distribution reliability, etc.)
  • Deep integrated insights into overall utility networks, operations, engineering, maintenance, people, environment and safety
  • Cost Optimization through demand – supply analytics coupled with distribution performance monitoring
  • Reduced failures, and technical as well as commercial losses through inbuilt locational intelligence
  • Outage management
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Regulatory and pollution control norms compliance