Cloud, Security and IT Transformation Solutions

The rising tide of data & proliferation of IT environment has forced organizations to rethink its business strategy to retain their market presence. In a bid to outperform competition, organizations need to present cost effective quality service offerings by aligning their IT infrastructure with business requirements.

However, both the IT infrastructure landscape and business requirements keep evolving constantly leading organizations to incur additional costs while mapping business with IT infrastructure. Additionally, there is a risk of non-standardization of technology and IT policies.

The key challenges today’s IT organizations face are:
• Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reduction
• Consolidation of IT Services & alignment with business goals
• Reliable /Consistent Service Assurance
• Gain competitive edge through increased agility
• Risk mitigation and ensure business continuity
• Maximized productivity through better services & support

To overcome these challenges, Rolta offers a spectrum of services that assist organizations in building strong IT infrastructure with minimal support costs. Rolta’s customizable solution portfolio can cater to the requirements of small, medium and large organizations.

These services include:
Advizer services
Cloud & IT Transformation Solutions
Enterprise Security Solutions
IT Service Management
Managed Services
Converged Systems