Command & Control

Rolta Strategic Information & Decision Support Solution: Customized Tools for Map Displays and Manipulations

Rolta offers Strategic Information and Decision support solutions with advanced functionalities for 2D and 3D Geospatial data creation and analysis.

Rolta Strategic Information and Decision support solutions are specially developed customized software modules, which incorporate tools for Map display and manipulation as per the user’s criterion. The software provides advanced functionalities for both 2D and 3D GeoSpatial Data creation and analysis. This enables users to create and depict the operational Map board, thereby assist in operational planning. Tools for creating library of military symbols as per user’s specifications are provided.

The solution offers preparation, display and analysis of:

  • Orbat Management
  • Defensive Deployment Profiling
  • Offensive Task Profiling
  • IS Duties
  • Terrain Visualisation / Deductions for Ops
  • Ops Queries and Tools
  • Ops Reports and Returns
  • Defensive Deployment Profiling
  • Int gathering, collation and dissemination
  • Militant/ UG/ ANE Module
  • CI/CT Ops
  • Bandh/ Protests
  • Kidnappings
  • Inter Factional Clashes