Command & Control

Rolta Information and Decision Support System (RIDSS) for Corps of EME: Ensuring Operational Fitness of all Army Equipment

Rolta’s Information and Decision Support System for the Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers helps them get the right information in the right form at the right time, enabling speedy recovery and repair of damaged army equipment.

The Corps of Electronics & Mechanical Engineers (EME) is responsible for providing engineering support for all the equipment held by the Indian Army. The Corps strives to achieve and maintain the operational fitness of electronic, mechanical, electrical and optical equipment of the Indian Army. The Electronics and Mechanical Engineers undertake light repairs to factory-level repairs to all equipment held by the Indian Army. With their dedicated forward repair echelons like Forward Repair Teams (FRTs) which are based on customized wheeled and tracked vehicles, they operate in the battlefield, recovering equipment casualties from the point where they become a casualty. Back at Army Base workshops, they strip and rebuild to ‘as good as new’ anything that the Army owns – be it light vehicles to tanks or communication equipment.

In order to plan deployment and grouping or keep track of their FRTs in the battlefield and the Light /Brigade/Division workshops which continuously leap frog with the affiliated headquarters/units, the EME Commanders require a true representation of battle field scenario for optimum utilization of their resources. They also need analytical GIS tools, support for operational briefings and navigational aids.

Rolta’s Information and Decision Support System for the Corps of EME has been designed with tools allowing the user to integrate and make available the right information at the right time and in the right form to Commanders and staff operating in various EME organizations/ Branches.


  • Creation of Map-board for multiple maps as per selection of Area of Interest (AOI)
  • Tactical & Terrain overlay for depicting different scenario for defense activities
  • Decision support tools such as suitability analysis, Almanac, Gun density etc.
  • Terrain analysis such as path profile, visibility analysis and contour generation
  • Integrated 2D and 3D window for seamless data transfer from 2D to 3D window
  • Flythrough creation and visualisation for large dataset without any jerk
  • Placement of Tactical & Terrain symbols in 3D environment for realistic visualisation
  • Route navigation for selected linear feature or newly created route
  • Visualisation of vectors layer as per DVD standard in 3D view
  • Flythrough visualisation by different modes such as hover and flythrough
  • 3D symbol editing and resizing as per user requirement.
  • Import all industry standard elevation and vector data
  • Support for Mil Mapping agencies vector data as per DVD standard


  • Simple ready to use solution for operational discussion and briefings
  • Rich depiction of Common Operational Scenario through Tactical overlays
  • Tools to enable generation of a Repair & Recovery Plan dovetailed into the ‘Op’ and ‘Lgs’ Plans for operations
  • Deployment of workshops in forward areas
  • Tracking of Operational EME resources, their status, grouping and deployment
  • Advanced and integrated 2D / 3D Fly Through for visualising trans-border areas where engineering support will be required in offensive operations
  • Accurate measurements in MGRS to determine geospatial locations