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Rolta Information and Decision Support System for Engineers: Managing Geospatial Data for Arduous Field Engineering Tasks

Rolta offers a customized solution for Sappers who require the efficient display of relevant Geospatial data for identifying specific elements and carrying out an accurate analysis.

Rolta Information and Decision Support System for Engineers is tailor-made to meet the requirements of Sappers for undertaking difficult Field Engineering tasks. Using the advanced tools users can efficiently manage GeoSpatial data which can be shared and disseminated to the field formations. The system facilitates display of relevant geo spatial data such as vector maps, raster maps, 3D elevation models and tactical overlays of the area of interest. Thereafter the users can quickly identify the specific data and carry out 2D & 3D analysis for decision making and presentations during operational briefing.


  • One click tools for quick generation of Indian Mil Grid, History generation, Topology Building etc.
  • Custom built tools for identifying suitable sites for bridging operations
  • Assists Field Engineers in planning and construction of Obstacle systems and Minefields
  • Carry out terrain analysis for planning cross country movement of troops
  • Identify suitable areas for road construction based on 2D and 3D Analysis
  • Offers advanced spatial analysis tools that will meet with the requirements of the Engineers for various operations.
  • Tools to depict the deployment of various assets of Equipment
  • Track history of graphical changes within the database.
  • To jump to particular location based on Lat/Long, GR, Place name and tactical Entity.
  • Accurate/ precise Mil Grid reading of selected points (4/6/8 figures).