Command & Control

Rolta’s Command Information and Decision Support Solution: Enabling Information Management for the Defence Forces

Rolta offers Command Information & Decision Support solutions for military use, integrating different types of Geo data and satellite imagery from military mapping and imaging agencies.

Rolta’s Command Information and Decision Support Solution supports all types operations e.g. Defensive Ops, Offensive Ops, Counter Insurgency and Internal Security Operations. The Solution enables Information management relating to own forces, resources, defence works and obstacles, enemy deployment patterns, updated ORBAT, location of various resources thus assisting the Field Commanders to take timely and effective Decisions.

The Solution integrates different types of Geo data and Satellite Imagery from Military Mapping and Imaging Agencies. It provides advanced and user friendly tools for 3D visualisation of terrain, creation and display of fly through. The solution has inbuilt tools for creation of Situation overlays using a comprehensive mil symbol library on raster / digital maps and transfers such information over the secured network.


  • Customised Military GIS Solution to carry out briefing on latest situation, threats and incidents.
  • Stores, displays, manipulate and annotate raster data and overlays Operational informational on vector maps.
  • Effective Terrain Analysis and Virtual Recce through 3D Visualisation.
  • SITREPs and INTREPs based intelligent overlays.
  • Supports Polyconic, UTM, Military Grid etc and other standard projection systems. On-the-fly projection system transformations help in integrating data from different sources.
  • Solution is designed to update current tactical scenario in different theatres.
  • Advanced 3D Visualisation tools for Terrain Analysis and troop deployment
  • Provides powerful image processing tools for Target Identification/Analysis