Command & Control

Rolta Joint Warfare Management Solutions

Rolta’s Joint Warfare Management Solutions is a Web based Geospatial solution for Various Arms and Services. The Solutions has been implemented to support 100+ concurrent Intranet users in Joint Operations. The Solution addresses requirements of OPs, Int & OPs Logistic in a C3I environment.

Features and Benefits of Rolta Joint Warfare Management Solutions

  • Complete Enterprise Solution – deployable on Linux /Windows OS
  • Data Preparation – Seamlessly integrates GIS/map data from various military mapping and imaging agencies received in different file formats.
  • Customized tools for creation of military grids, Geo-referencing and display of map board covering t
  • The entire areas of responsibility
  • Dedicated administrative application modules for Data processing, indexing & management, Application deployment, User Management and Security at server
  • Solution enable security functions for organizational data infrastructure
  • Build customized RDBMS for data confidentiality
  • It stores, manages and serves terrain and tactical GIS data stored within Database through OGC compliance
  • Provides powerful tools for Web based 2D / 3D GIS Visualisation and Analysis
  • Decision Support tools for planning operations- identifications of routes for logistics management, site suitability analysis etc.
  • Assists in undertaking threat analysis and operational briefing of Commanders