Command & Control

Rolta Ops Room Solution: Seamless Integration of data from multiple sources for the Ops Briefing Room

Rolta offers a solution for users at Field Formation headquarters to view the latest operational situation and take strategic decisions accordingly.

Rolta’s Operations Room Briefing Solution provides a collaborative environment across users at the Field Formation HQs, making up to date data available online for the Ops briefing room. With the aid of this solution, a Commander can interactively select an area of Interest and instantly view the latest operational situation. The Software assists Commanders to assess the situation and make timely decisions

Operational Benefits

  • Complete Enterprise Solution – Uses industry standard databases
  • Data Preparation – Seamlessly integrates GIS/map data from various military mapping and imaging agencies received in different file formats.
  • Customized tools for creation of military grids, geo-referencing and display of map board covering the entire areas of responsibility
  • Integrates Geocoded Data of from SITREPS / INTREPS etc
  • Presents data and designs maps according to unique needs.of Defence Users
  • Plans deployment of forces on an operational Map board
  • Provides tools for detailed 2D and 3D terrain analysis
  • Visualize gaps in Defences and optimize troop deployment
  • Plan layout of Obstacle Systems and Minefields
  • Decisions support aids for planning patrols, suitable helipad sites, camping grounds, deployment of Artillery Guns
  • Assists logistics in staging forward supplies and stores
  • Undertake Route and Shortest Path Analysis
  • Visualize 3D Fly-through models of areas beyond visual range.