Command & Control

Rolta Suite of War Gaming Solutions – A Comprehensive Training Application

Rolta offers an innovative Suite of War Gaming Solutions to train soldiers during peace, which in turn enables swift planning and execution during war situations.

Success in war depends on efficient planning and speedy execution. At the same time, there is a need to convert all available information in to actionable intelligence. It is said that if you sweat in peace, you won’t bleed in war. In this context, Rolta solution offers a smart and valuable tool which not only facilitates operational planning but also equips Commanders at various levels with a comprehensive training application, that is, war gaming. The solution provides that perfect balance by training the soldier during peace and by facilitating swift planning and execution during war. The suite caters for war gaming requirements at different echelons to include Platoon/troop and below, Company/Squadron/Combat Team level, Battalion/Combat Group level, Brigade/Division/Corps level and Joint Forces level.

Maps and Geographic Information System (GIS):

  • Geoprocessing of different GIS data like vector, raster, satellite imagery, DEM/DTED
  • Read Military Projection System and location in Lat-Long and 4/6/8/10 figure GR
  • Military symbology creation and integration with GIS
  • Terrain Doctoring, 2D/3D Analysis and Visualisation
  • Fly/Drive/Walk through in a selected area of the map
  • Spatial & Non-Spatial Queries on Terrain & Tactical Features

Operational Planning Tool:

  • Database Management for terrain, Operational & INT Data
  • Dynamic Movement, Engagement and Casualty Generation for different entities
  • Create/save & Transmit Tactical overlays as per Indian Military symbology
  • Weapon/equipment profile of own and terrorist organizations
  • Generation of reports and returns.

Wargaming System:

  • Players include Blue and Red Forces, Exercise Controller ( Including Civil & Media )
  • Simulation of work-flows, battle procedures & battle drills
  • Modelling of weapons and equipment as per the performance characteristics and data
  • Detection, Recognition and Identification of Red and Blue Forces
  • Caters for movement along established road network / cross country by foot, vehicles & other means
  • Cater to the deployment on ground of an Operational Team/Entity based on defined rules
  • Simulation of inputs received from sensors/ sensor systems
  • Advanced Conflict Resolution Module generates results of engagements


  • Fully customizable and upgradeable with ability to build from the ground up
  • Provides army with new training capabilities in the digital battlefield with smart tools
  • Will facilitate optimal utilization of the C4I solutions at each level
  • Advanced Geospatial Web Architecture to perform all operational, terrain and data based functionalities
  • Functioning in various conditions of terrain, weather and op scenarios
  • Exploitation of GIS, weapon systems and decision support tools/aids
  • Significant reduction in exercise staffing and preparation time