Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

Mobile Imagery Exploitation System (MIES): Imaging and Geospatial solutions integrated for Military Trucks

Rolta’s Mobile Image Exploitation System is customized for military trucks, providing users with advanced analysis and visualization tools needed for a successful military mission.

Rolta’s MIES is a fast, powerful, ruggedized, deployable / mobile system with integrated imaging and geospatial solutions integrated to a military truck. It is specially designed for operations in harsh terrain and adverse climatic conditions such as mountains, snow clad areas, deserts etc. The MIES is currently deployed in forward areas in support of operations and provides the users advanced analysis as well as visualization tools. These can be deployed for almost any military mission.


  • Custom built shelter mounted on a military truck
  • Ruggedized Image Stations with stereo viewing capability
  • Installed with a complete range of Photogrammetry, GIS and Imaging Solutions
  • Rack mount for printer and plotter
  • Seats 2 to 3 people to function as a mobile operational room
  • Integrated generator for standalone power
  • Integrated HVAC (Heating and Ventilation Air Conditioning) Environmental Control Unit


  • Leading edge intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions for aerial, ground and satellite base platforms
  • Offers advanced technology to ensure precision in delivering IMINT for Military Intelligence Missions
  • Fast processing, powerful, ruggedized, quickly deployable mobile system
  • Enables military users to deliver standard and customized images as well as geospatial data products to soldiers deployed in lower formations during crisis – anytime, anywhere
  • Intelligence and Exploitation Systems create decisive advantages for military intelligence user communities
  • Near real-time terrain and tactical INT collection of areas beyond visual range, information fusion of different sensors and exploitation
  • Creates realistic battlefield visualization to support operational planning, rehearsal and mission