Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

Rolta Aerial Reconnaissance Imagery Processing Solution: Enabling Rectification of Images for Military Users

Rolta offers a novel solution to rectify oblique images into nadir images, correcting positional accuracy and scale.

Oblique Images form an Integral part of IMINT Data collection as they contain valuable information, but lack in positional accuracy & uniformity of scale. The Rolta Aerial Reconnaissance Photo Interpretation and Analysis (RAIRS) has been specifically designed & developed for Military users to rectify oblique images, correcting the positional accuracy and scale. The solution not only provides rectification of oblique images to nadir images by removing distortions, but also positions the rectified images in the user preferred projection system. The solution uses advanced polynomial transformation and complex matrices algebra to redistribute the pixels correcting the camera parameters as per scale.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy handling of oblique images
  • Interactive geo-referencing & re-sampling for Geometric Corrections
  • Plots Flight Path, Image Footprints & Direction of Flight for selection of relevant imagery of important areas and targets for interpretation
  • Enables visualization of high resolution aerial imagery for accurate measurements and target identification
  • Rectified images have a uniform scale and are geo-referenced to integrate with GIS database and Satellite Imagery
  • Allows analysis of areas so that Field Commanders can establish the best locations
  • Output can be used for mapping trans-borders and areas beyond visual range