Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

Rolta MIL GIS Suite: GeoSpatial Solutions to Access, Display, Analyze and Present Spatial Data

Rolta’s MIL GIS Suite offers powerful, customized tools for field formations supporting both 2D and 3D analysis.

Rolta Military GIS is a powerful & customised GeoSpatial solutions for the Defence Users, to access, display, analyse, and present spatial data. The Solutions assists the Commanders in assessing offensive and defensive situations for timely planning and effective decision-making. A full suite of powerful analysis tools to support 2D analysis and 3D analysis have been developed to meet the requirements of the field formations. The main features are as described below:


  • Quickly and easily create operational Map Boards of areas of interest
  • Powerful inbuilt library of military symbols to create different types of tactical overlays for operations, Intelligence & Logistics.
  • One click simple to use set of tools to display & update the battlefield scenario
  • The solution provides tools for advanced terrain analysis functions such as generating perspective views, computing minimum & maximum elevation, generation of color-coded elevation & performing line of sight analysis.


  • Assists in quick planning of offensive / defensive operations
  • Enables creation of tactical overlays for dissemination of operational information
  • Simple to use ready solution for the Field Formations & Units
  • Enables quick creation of tactical overlays thus enabling accurate & quick dissemination of operational information.
  • Planning movements of men and materials during operational mobilization is quick & efficient using Road Network Analysis tools.
  • Arty Commanders can quickly deploy weaponry for neutralization of targets.
  • Generation of a 3D Terrain Model of the displayed map for launching missions.
  • Decision support to aid determination of suitable areas for helipad and other tactical installations & tools Inter visibility analysis
  • Display visibility fan for deployment of observation posts