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Rolta Mine Field Recording System: Enables Plotting and Recording the Co-ordinates of Minefields

Through Tablet PCs with an inbuilt GIS system, Rolta’s Mine Field Recording System provides the critical information needed for mine laying as well as maintaining and managing these areas.

Rolta provides a map based solution for the Mine Field Recording System that involves the seamless integration of GPS hardware with hand-held and ruggedized Tablet PCs equipped with an inbuilt GIS based system. Mine laying parties use this solution to lay mines during operations and to de-mine those areas when required. The solution seamlessly integrates with existing Geodata and comes bundled with powerful tools for Defence Applications.

Rolta’s Mine Field Recording System enables plotting and recording coordinates of the minefield for layout of minefield strips, density, Start Strip, Markers (SSM) location, Turning Points (TP), End Strip Markers (ESM), Gaps, Lanes and Perimeter Fencing. When all these are displayed on a GIS based system, it not only provides details of these areas with respect to the geographical location of the mines, types of mines, names of the unit laying the mines, etc., but also other relevant details like the diagrammatic plot of the mine, etc. Such information is of critical importance to the Sappers Troops involved in mine laying, who need to maintain, manage and operate in these areas.

Features & Benefits:

  • Rolta Minefield Recording System records details of mines to an accuracy of 4cm or better
  • A unique Rolta controller with in-built GIS and Rolta customised solutions available with base and rover station
  • User can precisely navigate to desired locations by entering coordinates
  • Rovers provided with multi-channel UHF are connected to receivers of each rover to lock to the desired base station
  • Planning of minefields at HQ’s using digital maps provide optimum coverage to protect gaps and approaches
  • Superimposition of 3D Terrain model provides clear visual appreciation of the proposed site from any angle
  • Easy, error free navigation to landmark using Digital compass and GPS, regardless of condition of landmark
  • One click tool displays comprehensive reports and information on any minefield in the database
  • Upto date layout and extent of the minefield disseminated instantly to Field Cdr
  • Provides precision navigation to locate Landmark, Start strip etc. auickly and safely, audible alerts sounded when close to mine
  • Minimizes accidents of personnel involved in de-mining activities