Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

Rolta Tactical Decision Support System: An Advanced 2D and 3D Military GIS Solution

Rolta offers a solution for seamless integration of GIS data from multiple military mapping sources, specially customized for Terrain & Tactical database requirements.

Rolta’s Tactical Decision Support System is an advanced 2D and 3D Military GIS integrated with 3D Fly Through visualization, with inbuilt tools for Decision Support Aids. The solution is an advanced customized Geographical Information System tailor made to meet the Terrain & Tactical database analysis & visualization requirements. The solution is a full-fledged advanced MIL GIS Solution and it directly accepts legacy data from military imaging and survey agencies. Users can create operational plans and share overlays created with other branches and field formations. It also enables users to retrieve & display the operational map/map board of a formation / unit.

Features & Benefits:

  • Seamless integration of GIS/map data from various military mapping and imaging agencies received in different formats
  • Creates a digital map-board of the area of interest depicting the tactical scenarios
  • Contains a custom symbol library for depicting the deployment of forces, obstacles systems, supporting arms and services
  • One click set of tools for displaying and updating battle scenarios as well as dissemination to Field Formations
  • Decision support tools for Site Suitability Analysis, Plan Arty Guns deployment etc
  • Analysis of integrated 2D / 3D Fly Through for visualizing trans-border areas for mission planning
  • On the fly creation and editing of tactical overlays, with 3D symbols directly on the Fly Through model
  • High quality Fly Through visualization on a Mil Grid with readout and jerk free rendering
  • High resolution Fly Through creation and visualization with Mil Grid readout for accurate Geo location and identification of Military Targets – Gunpits, Bridges, DCB, etc.
  • Military overlay creation & editing directly on the Fly Through model
  • Integrated 2D & 3D Window