Individual Night Sights: Unique Hand Held Devices for Increased Night Vision Capabilities in Battlefield Conditions

Rolta offers a range of Monoculars, Binoculars and Goggles for effective enhancement of Night Vision, which facilitates individual visibility, rapid surveillance and map reading by night/low light conditions.

Passive Night Vision Monocular

The passive night vision monocular provides exceptional image quality and high performance in extreme battlefield conditions. This monocular is a passive observation sight which facilitates visibility of the area in close vicinity and surrounding areas under low light conditions with one eye. It can also be used as a weapon mounted sight for firing weapons by night. The ergonomic design of this product offers the option of an easy and quick eye switch with the provision of a suitable face mask.


  • II Tube Generation 2+/ 3 or as per customer requirements
  • Built-in Automatic Brightness Control (ABC)
  • Built-in IR illuminator for Map Reading
  • Soft rubber eye shield for comfortable observation
  • Choice of magnifier options
  • Rugged, compact and damp proof design to sustain battle field conditions
  • Lightweight, user friendly and easy to carry in hand

Passive Night Vision Goggles

The passive night vision goggle provides the user with increased night time capabilities in low light conditions. Incorporating “”state of the art” image intensifier tube, this compact, lightweight night vision goggle facilitates visibility of the area in close vicinity and of the surrounding area with both eyes. Use of IR illuminator facilitates map reading. Hands Free options are available if mounted on Helmet or operated using the Face mask.


  • Lightweight, rugged & environmental sealed enclosure
  • Clip-on optional afocal lenses (x3, x4, x5 ) to convert goggle to binocular
  • Lightweight, water resistant, rugged and compact
  • Built-in IR illuminator
  • Momentary IR switch
  • Powered by a standard commercial battery
  • Detection range upto 300m for vehicles, Handheld, face or helmet mounted.
  • Ruggedised as per Military specs

Passive Night Vision Binoculars

The passive night vision binoculars provide the user with increased range of night vision capabilities in rugged battlefield conditions. Incorporating a “state of the art” image intensifier tube, the lightweight night vision binocular permits rapid surveillance of the surrounding area under low light conditions and also enhances navigation and map reading.


  • Lightweight, rugged & environmental sealed enclosure
  • Built-in Automatic Brightness Control (ABC)
  • Built-in IR illuminator
  • Continuous / Momentary IR On/Off provision for map reading
  • IR operation & low battery indicator
  • Flip-Up/Flip-Down position
  • Large exit pupil for comfort viewing, no inter-pupillary adjustment required
  • Built-in sensor for bright light automatic shut down
  • Ruggedised as per Military specifications

Night Vision Goggles for Pilots

The Night vision goggles facilitates night vision for aviation pilots. The use of two II tubes enables perception of depth i.e. 3D vision which helps in flying in low light conditions/darkness. Also can be used by vehicle drivers for driving in low light conditions.


  • Two II Tubes as per customer’s requirement
  • Can be fitted with any Aviation helmet by means of fixing bracket
  • Modular & Lightweight
  • Long Battery life
  • Capable of usage in vibration environment, meets military specifications
  • Good Operation Utility
  • Large Field of View
  • Compatible for future Upgradation
  • Resilient to Blooming
  • Ruggedised as per Military specifications