Enterprise Security

Rolta’s Enterprise Security principle of “defense in depth” means protection by multiple layers of security controls to ensure required security outcomes

To remain competitive and viable in today’s world, organizations demand greater efficiency, security and regulatory compliance. Understanding true security needs is the biggest challenge every industry is facing. Security cannot be just defined using an industry leading product or solution; it requires combination of solutions built on top of products with right sets of processes and people.

Rolta specializes in transforming security operations to complement business direction and priorities, and ensures confidentiality of IT services consistently and effectively. Rolta provides solutions that dramatically improve collaborations between users, applications and technology components, generating significant value for any business and creating competitive advantage.

Nowadays, enterprise businesses must keep pace with various market influences and demands. In order to remain competitive, enterprises require a flexible IT infrastructure with higher reliability, more efficiency, a shorter time to market, as well as cost savings. Rolta’s end-to-end solutions transform IT systems to fulfill these requirements by developing many future-forward options.

Rolta’s ability to see the big picture is backed by rock solid skills and expertise that encompass data modeling, business process understanding, end-to-end security and architecture framework. Rolta has developed a unique solution framework using combination of leading security solution along with Rolta Security Advizer™ & Rolta iPerspective Suite™ for risk assessment /governance framework along with fine grained data security module for enterprise user security.

• Enables organizations to achieve operational excellence
• 360° Security Enterprise Security Landscape
• Improve Agility and develop Compliance ecosystem
• Prioritizes Investment