Digital Mapping Areas

The Rolta’s Digital mapping camera systems enable customers to soar to new heights with their mapping projects.

Rolta’s cameras deliver reliability and robust solution for capturing precision images. Rolta’s cameras are based on modular concept & minute integration of components decreases size and weight. The sensor head consists of exchangeable lens system with different focal lengths.

Rolta’s New Offering includes following features:

  • Large image footprint with Pixel size of 5.2 μm.
  • Of more than 20,000 pixels across the flight strip.
  • Imaging-specific electronics and automated work flow.
  • An integrated package that contains all components in the sensor head
  • A solid-state image storage system to store
  • Exchangeable lens system configurations
  • Silent on-board camera electronics.
  • A user friendly interface with touch screen technology to allow in-flight control
  • Compact and light weight