Coastal Security Grid Project: A Seamless Security Application for Naval and Coast Guard Agencies

Rolta has created a unqiue system for maintaining a consistent database of vessels, enabling the detection of rogue vessels and generating alerts vital for coastal security requirements.

The solution is designed to be a web based Coastal Security Grid Application for monitoring of vessels along the east coast lines of India.

The solution is a secured web based application, which will provide the users the details of AIS, MSSIS & VTMS information along with near real-time location of the vessels on the map. The user interface will have standard features such as Zoom IN, Zoom Out, Pan, measure distances, show layers, symbols etc.

To maintain high level of security, we had proposed following two independent application environments:-

  1. Intranet application environment
  2. Internet application environment

The solution architecture includes:

  • Map server to provide maps for the Coastal Security Grid application
  • Interfaces to consume data from Radars, AIS, MSSIS & VTMS
  • Database Server
  • Coastal Security Grid application