Integrated Combat System (ICS) –
A Situational Awareness and Blue Force Tracking System

Rolta offers specialized solutions for dismounted groups providing C2, Communications and Situational Awareness information as well as other intra-group and inter-group operational functionalities.

The Rolta Integrated Combat Systems (ICS) is a fully integrated system for dismounted Groups providing the C2, communications, power supply management and for sharing Situational Awareness (SA) information, operational functionalities within individual Group members , different Groups/ Group Leaders in that area. The Group Leaders share SA information, overlays with the higher HQ’s /echelons.

The Integrated Combat Systems (ICS) is a Situational Awareness and Blue Force Tracking system specifically developed for secure Individual Group Members and Group Leaders operating in a network centric operations. The system has been designed to support Military, Coast Guard, Search and Rescue, Border Protection, Law Enforcement and Special Forces organizations who are countering the increased threat from piracy, smuggling and human trafficking etc. Rolta has integrated ICS through its experience in the design and integration of systems for land and marine platforms. From integration to delivery, the company has focused providing a solution which utilizes bespoke military specifications hardware that operates reliably in challenging environmental conditions.

This level of interoperability provides a fully scalable solution for modern marine security operations.