Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) based Tracking System: Effectively Tracking Large Volumes of Vessels
at Sea

Rolta provides Command and Control solutions for maintaining a close watch on vessel activities, creating an accurate common operational picture to assist coastal law enforcement agencies.

Rolta Command & Control solution for Tracking Vessels using Mobile Satellite Services is a fully integrated system for automating the Control Centers of law enforcement agencies, such as the Coast Guard and Coastal Police. The prime objective of this Command & Control solution is to augment the vessel tracking capabilities of these law enforcement agencies, ensuring that regulations pertaining to International Maritime Boundaries are complied with and vessels violating these regulations are detained. The solution also provides a capability of generating a shareable Situational Awareness (SA) picture, extending operational functionalities not only to the individual members of Watch Teams at Control Centers, but also to other agencies, promoting the concept of a Collaborative Approach for the detection and mitigation of threats. Through this system, a very close watch is maintained on the activities of vessels fitted with MSS Reporting Terminals, with a holistic common operational picture becoming available at the Main Control Room for this purpose.

MSS offers extensive coverage and high availability tracking solutions irrespective of the geographic conditions. Situational Awareness picture available at a Control Centre for tracking the movement of vessels at sea can be concurrently made available at multiple locations without having to be connected through dedicated networks. Rolta Mobile Satellite Service Based Vessel Tracking System (Rolta MSSVTS) has been designed to support the special requirements of the Coast Guard and the Coastal Police for tracking large volume of vessels operating in Indian waters. The system supports necessary tools for carrying out behavioural analyses of the movement pattern of the vessels to automatically detect anomalies in operator defined rules Thus the system can assist the Control Centre Staff in identifying vessels of interests so that appropriate threat prevention measures can be initiated as part of a pro-active approach.