National Navtex Network project: An Initiative under the Directorate General of Lighthouses and Lightships

Rolta’s National Navtex Network project delivers Navigational & Meteorological Warnings and Forecasts to ships at sea, mitigating marine accidents and disasters.

National Navtex Network to provide an automated medium frequency direct printing service for delivery of navigational and meteorological warnings and forecasts besides urgent marine safety information to ships at sea. The importance of the Navtex project is evident from the fact that these services are provided as part of Worldwide Navigation Warning Services under the aegis of International Maritime Organization/ International Hydrographic Organization.

The proposed Network shall broadly consist of the following major sub-systems: –

  • Transmitting Stations with Operator Consoles, dual frequency dual Navtex transmitters, Antenna Tuning Unit, ‘T’ Type Antenna, standard Ship’s Navtex receivers with antennae, Interface devices for integration with NAIS network etc
  • Navtex Control Centre (NCC) with Operator’s Consoles, Data logging facility, Interface device with NAIS network etc
  • Monitoring Stations with standard Ship’s Navtex receivers and antennae
  • Remote Terminals for data interface

The locations of the Transmitting and Monitoring stations have been indicated by DGLL, as these are considered to be suitable for providing the seamless coverage along the Coast and can be easily supported through the existing support infrastructure established by DGLL. Further, the RF modeling has also been carried out to evaluate the extent of coverage of the network.