RFID Based Tracking System: Effectively Tracking Large volumes of Small Boats in a Given Area

Rolta offers a comprehensive RFID based Command and Control solution for coastal region security, creating a shareable Situational Awareness picture at Control Centers.

The RFID based Rolta Command & Control solution for Tracking of Vessels (C2TV) is a fully integrated system for automating the Control Centers of Law Enforcement agencies such as the Coast Guard and the Coastal Police who are vested with the responsibility of ensuring coastal region security. The prime objective of this C2 (Command & Control) solution is to automate the processes at the local and main Control Centers by creating a shareable Situational Awareness (SA) picture providing operational functionalities amongst the individual members of watch teams at respective Control Centers. Through the system, Local Control Centers can maintain a very close watch on the activities of fishing boats and other vessels operating in the area, in addition to presenting a holistic common operational picture at the Main Control Room.

The RFID based C2TV system creates a Situational Awareness picture at the Control Centers for tracking the movement of all types of fishing and other mechanized vessels operating in the coastal waters. The system presents a holistic picture of all the Local Control Centers of a given geographical area at the Main Control Center. It supports the special requirements of Coast Guard and Coastal Police to track large volumes of small boats in a given area. The C2TV provides following capability:

  • Effective Command and Control of fishing vessels and other mechanized vessels
  • Aggregation of data collected from various control centers to generate Common Operational Picture for actionable intelligence
  • Dissemination of information to maximize individual and group capability in engaging unusual elements and mitigating the threat
  • Improved intelligence, identification and engagement capabilities of individual Control Centers.
  • Monitor & control of operations remotely at all levels, promoting a collaborative approach in threat assessment and mitigation