Mobile Surveillance Vehicle: An Effective System to Cover Wide Areas of Security Operation

Rolta has created a compact system, installable on any vehicle, which increases the surveillance and protection capabilities of mobile operational units.

The Rolta MSV is a compact system that dramatically increases the surveillance and protection capabilities of a mobile operational unit. This system can be installed on any suitable vehicle from a customer’s inventory, and has a vital “look-up and see” capability to cover a wide area of security operation. The flexible modular architecture of the MSV system enables progressive system growth with connectivity options to additional MSV vehicles and other ground forces. The MSV features real-time data link communication, transmitting video and receiving data simultaneously.

MSV Interiors:

  • Stabilized day/night (CCD/IR) camera
  • Telescopic mast for rapid deployment
  • Operator interface controls installed inside the vehicle
  • Video and Data through Wimax

Main Features:

  • 3rd generation focal plane array
  • High thermal sensitivity and resolution
  • High capability to compromise camouflaged targets
  • Compact design and low weight

Special Features:

  • Weight: 8 kgs.
  • Thermal sensitivity: < 50mk
  • FoV: Customized upto 4 FoVs
  • Video Output: Analog/Digital LVDS
  • Power Supply: 28 VDC
  • Cooling: Integrated Stirling Linear drive Cooler

Day Camera:

The dual optic daylight CMOS camera covers fields of view from 2.6 degrees to 16.1 degrees, and also offers a wide variety of video output