IT Service Management

Today, Information Technology is a driving force in delivering business services and solutions. In order to improve functionality and quality in a cost effective manner, guidance and support to manage IT infrastructure is required. IT Service Management (ITSM) acts as an enabler for IT governance. It forms the core of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) concepts. It is a widely accepted ITSM framework that provides much-needed guidance on how to manage IT infrastructure so as to streamline IT services in line with business expectations.

Rolta with its IT values, designs dynamic systems, drives end-to-end transformation programs, mitigates risks and reduces costs, helping companies master their IT environments. Rolta IT service management solutions help to break down barriers between IT & the business and align IT Service to the need of the business. It helps organizations optimize their IT infrastructure efficiency, reduce overheads and lower the total cost of IT ownership (TCO) while ensuring a significant return on investment (ROI).

Rolta’s IT Management Services include
• Design and Architecture
• Implementation and Configuration
• Customization and Integration
• Up gradation and Migration
• Reports and Dashboards

Business Benefits
• Accelerate business agility and speed-to-market
• Optimize IT maintenance costs
• Maximize productivity and customer retention through better services and support
• Gain a competitive edge through increased agility
• Become more responsive to the needs of the business
• Streamline IT support and drive a transformation from reactive to proactive IT
• Take new lines of business to market quicker through faster delivery of supporting IT services
• Mitigate risk and ensure business continuity

Migration Services
Rolta has extensive experience in product up-gradation and migration for large enterprises. Rolta follows a matured and time-tested methodology for migrations, as explained below:

Migration Methodology