Smart City

Rolta has successfully implemented its innovative Smart City solutions in various cities worldwide and based on these learnings the company has built its own domain expertise which translate into 100+ proven solutions rapidly deployable, to ensure that future cities are livable, sustainable and resilient.

The migration of population to the urban areas, has brought along with it new challenges that each city has to face. This could include increasing pollution, shortage of infrastructure, scarcity of resources and numerous other issues. Rolta through its innovative offerings can help address these challenges by providing IT solutions that enable various agencies to work together seamlessly and efficiently by enabling smarter and quicker decision making capabilities which in turn results in a very high quality life for its citizens.

Holistically, a smart city is based on four key pillars viz.

      • Institutional Infrastructure
      • Physical Infrastructure
      • Social Infrastructure
      • Economic Infrastructure

For any city to build and strengthen these pillars, a constant inflow of the adequate skills sets and financial support is required. There is also a need for citizen engagement at each level, as the very purpose of a city is to cater to its citizens. These pillars cut across various verticals – urban planning, public works, governance, waste management, transportation, utilities, safety & security and disaster management.

Rolta understands that data, analytics and ICT infrastructure play important roles in defining solutions that help build and ensure the sustainability of smart cities.

Rolta has been engaging with various governments across the world to fulfill their Smart City vision with innovative geospatial solutions. These range from, generation of smart 3D City Models, creating and updating geospatial databases, to automated portals with online workflows allowing them to efficiently serve their citizens.

Rolta’s Unique Value Proposition for Smart Cities
• Strong IP base of 250+ Patented and Copyrights
• Strong domain expertise in over a dozen verticals
• Global experience with over 400 + implementations
• Wide range of services and over 100+ applications