Disaster Management

Unexpected events may often cost many lives and damage to property. Insightful planning for effective decision making in the wake of a disaster is key.

It is crucial to have access to the most updated and comprehensive information when it comes to making effective decisions in the wake of a disaster. Rolta offers disaster planning and management systems that enable a real-time, common operational picture across the entire enterprise. The solution not only facilitates a single point of access to a wide range of disparate data, but also encourages collaborative and effective communication and intelligent information sharing between stake holders and the key parties helping them to enable disaster preparedness.

Rolta’s Disaster Management solution supports analysts and decision makers in planning, risk assessment, surveillance, intelligence, detection, prevention, protection, preparedness, damage assessment, response, public safety and recovery operations, across all levels of Government, along with the public and industry. The solution enables such agencies to analyze data by establishing linkages between them and their data in a secured manner.

The Disaster Management solution includes the balanced use of resources and assets, coordination between various organizations and stakeholders, efforts of individuals, and the right knowledge of geographical locations.