Rolta’s innovative technologies help governments become leaner and more effective.

Increasingly, governments are challenged to do more with less: managing assets efficiently as infrastructure maintenance demand continues to grow; managing hybrid workforces of employees, part time staff and contractors; fighting the competition to bring new businesses and jobs to their jurisdiction; managing large volumes of data and multiple systems with less IT staff and meeting the demands of an increasing sophisticated and involved group of citizens. Providing more services within a lower budget is unquestionably a daunting challenge.

Rolta’s Geospatial Fusion Solutions for Government provides part of the answer. These solutions have proven abilities to enable Governments to become leaner and more effective. Rolta’s innovative technology is the key to providing capabilities which establish a flexible, robust and solid foundation for information exchange, interaction, and decision making in government. By utilizing our solutions, the level of service to customers will increase and the ability to make timely decisions based on current information will be boosted dramatically.

In a world where time is money and the risks of poor decisions have costly impacts, we are pleased to provide a suite of innovative technology and offerings that can provide the insights needed to manage agencies, and achieve more with less.