E-Governance – Improve operational effectiveness of services to citizens

Rolta’s E-Governance solution enhances communications between the government and it’s constituents, provides insights into key vital signs of the community, helps prioritize issue resolution, and supports up to date inquiry requests.

The goals of government to maintain effective communications with constituents is always a challenge, with the increased desire for citizens to access services 24 X 7 and report issues faced by them. The need to inform constituents of vital matters affecting quality of life (such as road detoursdue to road maintenance, VVIP movement etc.) is also a growing concern. The setting up of call centers across government agencies implies a huge cost, and fragmentation of systems further impedes the effectiveness of service.

Rolta’s solutions address these challenges by providing:

  • Integration of operational data across systems and agencies to facilitate a one-stop service center
  • Business intelligence solutions integrated with geospatial data to provide a performance dashboard for agency executives and service center managers
  • Geospatial web portals for two-way communications between citizens and constituents of government

Rolta provides the integration of traditional business intelligence with geospatial visualization and query mechanisms for decision support, usable by government executives and citizens in an enterprise. This solution can be provided as a standalone citizen information solution or as a component of a broader government information access solution. Rolta’s E-Governance solutions provide for efficient government, growth in the residential and commercial tax base, collaboration among line departments for improved quality of service for citizens.