Emergency Response Management: Changing the Paradigm of Public Safety Management

Rolta provides decision-makers with the data needed for confrontation, response, management and analysis of a wide variety of emergencies and threats, including natural disasters, terrorist attacks, crimes & criminal cases.

Today communities are exposed to increased hazards associated with industry, crime, and proximity to natural risks such as wildfires, earthquakes, flooding, and severe weather conditions. Increased exposure means emergency response requests are more frequent, complex, and dangerous. These demands for public safety require sophisticated, computerized systems to manage the volume of information needed for a safe and effective response by our law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and emergency medical personnel.

Rolta’s unique GeoCADS (Computer Aided Dispatch System) has been developed based on the concept of ‘Universal Emergency Number’ – Dial 100, for addressing the complex and dynamic needs of the society. This solution is a suite of software packages for initiating public safety calls for service, dispatch and maintaining the status of responding resources in the field – a ‘Command & Control Solution’ for modernization of a Police Control Room. The system identifies the most appropriate and available resources required to respond to the ‘100’ call and in addition manages resource status and interfaces with a records management system to capture and retain incident/event data.

Another vital requirement for an effective Emergency Response System is the provision of ‘Automatic Vehicle Location’ using GIS/GPS technologies. Rolta’s Emergency Response Solution provides an automated Distress Call Management System with real-time ability to quickly visualize activity patterns (incidents/events), map locations, and understand the multi-layered geospatial context of emergency situations with high end communication systems and ready accessibility of data.

The system also has interoperability interfaces with different emergency services like the Police, Fire, and Medical services, allowing public safety personnel to effectively plan for emergency response, by determining the manner and size of the responding incident/event. With enhanced capabilities, this solution can also be used as a Command and Control solution for Disaster Management. It can interface with:

  • Portable T-GeoCADS (Tetra GeoCADS)
  • Land and Coastal Control Room Solution
  • CCTV for City Surveillance and Traffic Management
  • CCTNS (Crime and Criminal Tracking Networks and Systems)