Intelligent Data Fusion: Enabling the Formation of a Coherent Intelligence Picture for Effective Homeland Security Operations

Rolta helps manage the flow of information and intelligence, supporting rapid identification of emerging threats that require intervention by the govt. and private sector authorities.

Intelligence information from diverse sources resides in different formats. Traditionally, assimilating and analysing data in multiple formats has been a tedious, manual and inexact process left to individual investigators.

In a given emergency situation, Homeland Security Informers (HUMINT), Communication Intelligence (COMINT), Media (OSINT) or video footage of CCTV (IMINT) simultaneously or individually report terror activities or civil disturbances or any suspicious movement of vehicle in a particular area. The Homeland Security teams further validate the situation through the information provided by different sensors in real time on a single platform with cartographic and tactical entities management capabilities under GIS environment.

Rolta’s Intelligence Data fusion platform help the Homeland Security control room operators to form a coherent Intelligence Picture and validate the situation in a logical manner, thereby reduces analyst workload. Based on this intelligence picture, operations are carried out.

Rolta’s Intelligent Data Fusion solution is the most advanced all-source intelligence exploitation tool presently available in the market. It bridges the gap between proprietary, source-specific sensor systems and Control Room Information Systems.

In order to meet the Intelligence community requirements, it provides confidence quotation of information and sources, as well as traceability information. It can also generate simple HTML reports (maps + data), which can be read by any client equipped with a simple web browser.