Oracle Fusion Services (ERP, Technology Upgrade)

Oracle Applications / EBS solutions are pre-packaged software which is customized to meet one’s business process requirements. In standard application one may not find all solutions of its business process requirement through Meta data or configuration. Although one has the option of modifying its business to work around with software, it isn’t always feasible or desirable to do so. IT solutions should conform to one’s business needs, not the other way around.

Rolta Fusion practice offers to build components / modules on top of existing out of box EBS modules/Oracle Applications using OA Framework. Thus it ensures that business processes align with what is practiced. It also helps one to adapt to new changes that happen due to market changes and business growth.

If existing applications do not follow how business process needs them, one should not waste effort trying to work around the solution which may introduce inefficiencies. Rolta’s Fusion Practice offers to design, code and implement an application to provide the ideal solution without jeopardizing one’s existing IT Infrastructure based on Oracle Applications / EBS. These can be designed for a wide range of requirements and provide secure and efficient solution. Our Fusion Practice can study your unique business needs and offer a most suited solution for it.

Rolta’s capabilities on OAF

The Oracle Applications Framework (OAF) is a development and deployment platform used for Oracle Fusion Applications such as ESB, CRM, etc. OAF is the standard approach for building and launching Oracle 3-tier web-based applications that link to an Oracle Applications instance while maintaining all the security features of that instance. OAF is a model-view-controller technology stack that is fully oriented towards E-BS application development. The OAF stack is comprised of underlying technologies like UIX and BC4J that respectively form the core of the view and model layers. It includes Application Object Library (AOL) that provides common E-BS artifacts such as menus, functions, messages, profiles, flexfields and attachments, etc.

OA framework model facilitates the customization of existing out of box EBS modules as well as allows development of new Self contained Web Application modules. Therefore, the OA Framework guarantees high productivity, scalability, and customizability. OA Framework Architecture is based on the J2EE MVC design pattern. Though the OA Framework is J2EE based, it also uses various industry standards like HTML, XML, Java, JSP, SQL and Web Services.

Standards Compliance

  • 100% Java & XML J2EE based, middle-tier application framework and services provide for rapid development & deployment
  • Built on Fusion Middleware
  • Built on Oracle platform

Declarative Environment

  • Rapid application development environment
  • Consistent & compelling UI
  • Extensible UI and business logic

OAF Key Features

  • Consistent and Compelling User Interface
  • User Interface Interactivity
  • Built-in Security
  • Integrated Development Environment
  • Mobile Support
  • Functional Administration Tool
  • Durable Personalization and Extensibility