Transportation: Overview

Rolta’s solutions give users a complete view of their network, assets, project and other crucial data; leading to better decision making.

Nearly every company, business, government and consumer in the world is, to some degree, dependent on the transportation industry. Transportation segments served by Rolta’s solutions include air, road and rail agencies where it is critical to maximize the availability and maintenance of its assets and infrastructure while providing increased agility in customer service and transportation. In addition, safety and security that is cost-effective and non-intrusive on operations is becoming a critical need.

Professionals and practitioners in the transportation industry worldwide have utilized geospatial solutions as a foundational and critical aspect to plan, assess, manage and maintain their transportation systems.

Whether tracking and monitoring the location or condition of their roadway or railway assets or combining asset data with critical statistical information (e.g. traffic counts, maintenance costs, etc.), our solutions for transportation agencies make the management of their infrastructure comprehensive yet easily usable across the agency with web-based deployment. In addition, to management, the solutions are used to evaluate, analyze and assess their asset inventory and their conditions at macro and micro levels, enabling better planning and decision making overall.