Fleet Management: Improving Operational Performance and Supporting Remote Risk Management

Rolta’s Fleet Management solutions help to reduce risk, improve safety and security, and optimize fleet operations with real-time, all-satellite GPS tracking and fleet monitoring.

In today’s world, where on-time delivery & faster response time dominate the market, it is essential for fleet operators to improve their business intelligence through effective & efficient fleet management technologies. Fleet Management is a function which allows companies relying on fleet operations as their business to minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, leading to improved efficiency, productivity and reduced transportation and staff costs.

Rolta’s Web-based Fleet Management Solution (FMS) provides a robust, independent Asset/Vehicle tracking and monitoring system which delivers accurate information to improve your fleet’s operational performance and support remote risk management. It includes a range of functions such as Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring, Vehicle Diagnostics, Speed Management, as well as Health & Safety Management.

The most basic function fleet operators rely on is GPS based Vehicle Tracking. Rolta supports a holistic GPS Tracking System comprising of:

  • GPS Receivers
  • Vehicle GPRS / GSM Modems with GPS processing units
  • Mobile data terminals (MDT)

Our FMS combines GPS technology with asset management software and satellite communications to provide a complete solution. The FMS Mobile Location Tracking Modules maintain continuous GPS location, direction and speed information and combine that with important vehicle data such as engine activity, idle and stop data. Vehicle Telematic data is accessed through a Web Browser from which reports are generated, commands issued, alerts set and all fleet monitoring is performed.

This system provides a real-time connection to several backend server services for the request/transfer of information. In order to achieve rapid system response times, the real-time applications are executed using a client/server topology. In remote viewing and querying operations, authorized users can access the vehicle monitoring environment using Internet technology-based software.

FMS provides ’Live’ tracking of vehicles and the capability to define & manage ’Geo-fences.’ All Vehicles are graphically represented on a digital map. Monitoring ’Jobs/Trips’ also forms a part of Rolta’s Fleet Management Solutions. Through this solution, we aim to reduce risk, improve safety and security, and optimize fleet operations with real-time, all-satellite GPS tracking and fleet monitoring with a two-way direct communication between drivers and fleet operator/dispatcher.